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Slashorific Returns!! [09 Mar 2015|06:27pm]


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[drabbles] Hannibal/Will [01 Jul 2014|09:12pm]

[ mood | inspired ]

Two Hannigram drabbles I have written on chocolick's prompts.

hannigram | au | humor | pg | 314 words
Prompt: Hannibal is the intimidating editor in chief of a fashion magazine and Will is his new PA.

hannigram | au | humor | pg | 914 words
Prompt: hannibal is a famous hot shot actor and will is the new make up artist. hannibal is very smitten by him but will finds him creepy and shies away‎

read here

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[12 May 2014|07:14pm]
Here's a video explaining one of my friend's awesome Hannibal themed blog https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAzbYotQu4Y The video contains the blog link at the beginning and end of the video, and I believe that fans of the show will enjoy it.
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Hannibal/Will image [12 May 2014|05:53pm]

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter (TV)recs [01 May 2014|10:27am]

I've been positing my recs here
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Fic - Hannibal. It's a Rich Man's World. Chapter 1/2 Rating NC-17 [05 Mar 2014|05:39pm]

Fandom: Hannibal (TV)
Title: It's a Rich Man's World
Chapter: 1/2
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Will Graham/Mason Verger. Eventual Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter
Warnings: Very dark themes, Non-con, violence, swearing.
Summary: While locked up in Baltimore State Hospital, Will has a surprise visitor - Mason Verger. Hannibal won't be pleased - he doesn't like other people playing with his things...
Disclaimer: Not mine. Everything belongs to Thomas Harris.
Spoilers: Series and books.
Authors Note: So, new fandom! This was for a prompt on the Hannibal Kink Meme that then vanished once I'd written this... I didn't even copy the prompt. Anyway, enjoy! There will be lots of comfort for Will from Hannibal in the final chapter! Thanks so much to kuhekabir!

Fic - It's a Rich Man's World-Chapter One
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Got a rec for you [29 Dec 2013|05:08pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

My favorite fic is finished except for the epilogue, which is yet to come. Through a Glass by AmandaJean.

He went to sleep in an asylum; he woke up in a reality not his own. Will's either gone down the rabbit hole of his own unstable mind, or he's ended up someplace else entirely. (The non-opaque summary: Will wakes up in a universe where he and Hannibal are dating.)

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Will/Han (tv) recs [14 Dec 2013|05:57pm]

Okay, so awhile back I did a book/movies list and promised a tv list too so here goes the tv recs are here (link) I will update it periodically so keep checking it.
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new fanfic comm [09 Nov 2013|10:39pm]

Hannibal-fanfiction(new) link
Hannibal Lecter fanfiction (het or slash) TV or other
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[04 Aug 2013|05:12pm]

Been ficcing up a storm. If that's the term.

Another Alpha/Omega Fan Fic is complete. I thought it was complete before but everyone seemed confused about the ending so I added an epilogue.
Summary: You know the drill: omega!Will has to stop taking supressants, alpha!Hannibal is on hand to help him out. Unfortunately Will's idea of "help" doesn't coincide with Hannibal's.
Warnings: Death, badly written sex, and gratuitous use of song lyrics. It assumes knowledge of the "omegaverse," which makes no sense at all but seems to be quite popular. Read at your own risk.
5,851 words, complete.

Random Alpha/Omega AU Scene
This one is much better. I am a lot sexier when I don't try to actually write sex.
Summary: Just what it says on the tin. Written in about 30 minutes while drunk. Best thing I've ever done.
Warnings: More alpha/omega nonsense.
603 words, complete.

The Numbers Game
Summary: I wanted to have Dexter Morgan stalking Hannibal Lecter. I had to put in an OC to get Dexter to Baltimore, and most people, like me, skip over any fic with an OC in it. Not slashy. Well, Hannibal and Will get up to some shennanigans behind closed doors, but the story isn't about that, so...
Warnings Completely absurd number of murders. Someone has to die but I haven't decided who yet.
5,628 words, not complete.

Things that Never Happened
Summary: Drabble series. Mostly humor. Bait-and-switch slash. Oh, you'll see what I mean.
Warnings: None yet.
300 words, ongoing.

Everything You Know is Wrong
Summary: Drabble series reinterpreting things that happened on the show.
Warnings: None.
700 words, ongoing.

Elegy for a Teacup
Summary: I always hated the ending of the novel Hannibal. I like it better this way, especially with the earlier reference to Will being a fragile teacup. Starling would never do that, but Will, with his Super Empathy Powerz, just might.
Warnings: Plagiarism. Big-time.
431 words, complete.

Into the Labyrinth
Summary: Will has trouble following Hannibal's thought process because he's not insane.
Warnings: Plagiarism, songfic, massive stupidity, OOC Hannibal. There is really no excuse for this one.
456 words, complete.
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Just an opinion... [01 Aug 2013|11:25pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I hate the term Hannigram. Since Lecter is his last name, shouldn't it be Lectergram? Or maybe it should be Hanniwill? What do you guys think?

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Two fics. [01 Aug 2013|08:02pm]


(I figured I'd link to my own fics since I'd just joined up to pimp the Hannigram Secret Santa!)

Strange Bedfellows, R, Hannibal/Will Graham preslash-ish.
While out of town on a case, necessity forces Will and Dr. Lecter to share a bed. Will's aware of what a terrible bedmate he makes—they're not exactly in for an easy night's sleep. 8,000 words.

through a glass, Hannibal/Will Graham, AU, R, WIP (currently 2/5).
Chapter One
Chapter Two
He went to sleep in an asylum; he woke up in a reality not his own. Will's either gone down the rabbit hole of his own unstable mind, or he's ended up someplace else entirely. 10,000 words currently.

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Hannigram Secret Santa Exchange - hosted on ao3 [01 Aug 2013|07:56pm]


Hello all, I'm promoting a Hannigram (Hannibal TV show version only, alas) Secret Santa Exchange hosted on Archive of Our Own.

Special Agent Graham and Dr. Lecter not-so-merrily invite you to the festivities.

Introducing the first ever Hannigram Secret Santa Exchange, hosted on Archive of Our Own. This gift exchange was created to bring fic to the Hannigram fandom around the holidays! The basics of the fest are fairly simple: sign up to offer (and receive!) fic, specify your preferences, and write something according to the likes, dislikes, and potentially even the prompts from a participant assigned to you. Come December 1st, fics will start being posted to the collection. The exchange is initially anonymous (hence the secret part of "Secret Santa"), but gifters will be revealed when the exchange is over.

For more rules, an FAQ, and the chance to sign up, please visit the Hannigram Secret Santa official page over on ao3. (Here's a quick link to the sign-up form.)

Please direct any questions, comments, or concerns to the mods at hssmods@gmail.com.

Sign-ups close on August 20th, so decide how you'll be spending the holiday season soon! Some other assorted info for the community: if you're interested in signing up but do not have an account at ao3, please comment here or email us mods at hssmods@gmail.com for an invite code.

We hope that this exchange is a smashing success for Hannigram fans, and in the future we'd like to run more Hannigram challenges, hopefully expanding the parameters to include more than just the newest TV canon.

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fanmix: haunted [30 Jul 2013|12:29pm]

Title: haunted
Artist: d3bonair
Pairing: Hannibal/Will (TV)
Rating: N/A
Warning(s): N/A
Disclaimer: if these characters were mine, the world would be an ugly place.
Summary: - a mix for a lost soul and his mentor.

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[26 Jul 2013|08:11pm]

I just wrote this: Another Alpha/Omega Fan Fic

There's actual sex.

It will only make sense if you already know about the alpha/omega... thing. Trope, I guess they're calling it. If you don't know it, read Alphas, Betas, Omegas: A Primer

Actually, even if you know about it, it makes no sense.
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[22 Jul 2013|05:12pm]


I tried to make a user pic of that but GIMP refused to cooperate. Can anyone here do it?
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hannibaldiscuss [10 Jul 2013|10:40am]

Hi -

My community hannibaldiscuss is now officially an affiliate of this community! I set it up for discussion of the TV show, books, or movies. Whatever. Please join!

I don't have any Real Life friends who will watch it, so I'm looking for on line discussions. (The liveliest is at Television Without Pity, but it hasn't got its own page and I can't access that site at work anyway, boo!)
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Unfolding [05 Jul 2013|02:59pm]

Title: Unfolding
Author: crossbow1
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Will/Hannibal
Rating: PG
Warning(s): None
Disclaimer: Thomas Harris owns everything, yada, yada
Word count: 100

Hannibal whines a bit as Will strokes him, unused to the contact. Will realizes he will have to be very careful not to make him defensive. It’s taken weeks just to get to this point with him. Getting him to actually sleep with Will is going to take several more. Will can’t even guess how long his new friend has been alone. Gradually, though, Hannibal’s sounds become more appreciative and he begins to arch into Will’s touch, wanting more.

From his seat across the living room, Doctor Lecter says, “I’m really not comfortable with you naming that dog after me.”
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Ientaculum [02 Jul 2013|02:02pm]

Title: Ientaculum
Author: crossbow1
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Will/Hannibal
Rating: PG
Warning(s): None
Disclaimer: Thomas Harris owns everything, yada, yada
Word count: 100

“Or we could just have a conversation, like adults,” suggests Lecter.

“I don’t find you that interesting,” Will half-lies. He doesn’t actually know enough about Lecter to find him interesting. But he does know that Lecter is the single most self-contained person he’s ever met. Lecter gives away nothing, projects nothing but calm. It’s restful. Sort of the opposite of Jack. He isn’t about to say so out loud, but with the way his imagination and empathy are going into overdrive on this case, Will is pretty sure that in Lecter’s company is the safest place of him to be.
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