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Hannigram Secret Santa Exchange - hosted on ao3

Hello all, I'm promoting a Hannigram (Hannibal TV show version only, alas) Secret Santa Exchange hosted on Archive of Our Own.

Special Agent Graham and Dr. Lecter not-so-merrily invite you to the festivities.

Introducing the first ever Hannigram Secret Santa Exchange, hosted on Archive of Our Own. This gift exchange was created to bring fic to the Hannigram fandom around the holidays! The basics of the fest are fairly simple: sign up to offer (and receive!) fic, specify your preferences, and write something according to the likes, dislikes, and potentially even the prompts from a participant assigned to you. Come December 1st, fics will start being posted to the collection. The exchange is initially anonymous (hence the secret part of "Secret Santa"), but gifters will be revealed when the exchange is over.

For more rules, an FAQ, and the chance to sign up, please visit the Hannigram Secret Santa official page over on ao3. (Here's a quick link to the sign-up form.)

Please direct any questions, comments, or concerns to the mods at

Sign-ups close on August 20th, so decide how you'll be spending the holiday season soon! Some other assorted info for the community: if you're interested in signing up but do not have an account at ao3, please comment here or email us mods at for an invite code.

We hope that this exchange is a smashing success for Hannigram fans, and in the future we'd like to run more Hannigram challenges, hopefully expanding the parameters to include more than just the newest TV canon.

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