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Been ficcing up a storm. If that's the term.

Another Alpha/Omega Fan Fic is complete. I thought it was complete before but everyone seemed confused about the ending so I added an epilogue.
Summary: You know the drill: omega!Will has to stop taking supressants, alpha!Hannibal is on hand to help him out. Unfortunately Will's idea of "help" doesn't coincide with Hannibal's.
Warnings: Death, badly written sex, and gratuitous use of song lyrics. It assumes knowledge of the "omegaverse," which makes no sense at all but seems to be quite popular. Read at your own risk.
5,851 words, complete.

Random Alpha/Omega AU Scene
This one is much better. I am a lot sexier when I don't try to actually write sex.
Summary: Just what it says on the tin. Written in about 30 minutes while drunk. Best thing I've ever done.
Warnings: More alpha/omega nonsense.
603 words, complete.

The Numbers Game
Summary: I wanted to have Dexter Morgan stalking Hannibal Lecter. I had to put in an OC to get Dexter to Baltimore, and most people, like me, skip over any fic with an OC in it. Not slashy. Well, Hannibal and Will get up to some shennanigans behind closed doors, but the story isn't about that, so...
Warnings Completely absurd number of murders. Someone has to die but I haven't decided who yet.
5,628 words, not complete.

Things that Never Happened
Summary: Drabble series. Mostly humor. Bait-and-switch slash. Oh, you'll see what I mean.
Warnings: None yet.
300 words, ongoing.

Everything You Know is Wrong
Summary: Drabble series reinterpreting things that happened on the show.
Warnings: None.
700 words, ongoing.

Elegy for a Teacup
Summary: I always hated the ending of the novel Hannibal. I like it better this way, especially with the earlier reference to Will being a fragile teacup. Starling would never do that, but Will, with his Super Empathy Powerz, just might.
Warnings: Plagiarism. Big-time.
431 words, complete.

Into the Labyrinth
Summary: Will has trouble following Hannibal's thought process because he's not insane.
Warnings: Plagiarism, songfic, massive stupidity, OOC Hannibal. There is really no excuse for this one.
456 words, complete.
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