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It's all about the subtext.

...and besides, Clarice shouldn't have the Good Doctor ALL the time.

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Welcome to lecter_slash! To my knowledge this is the first and only lj community for this aspect of the Hannibal Lecter fandom. While the most important thing here is to have fun, I ask that you please read through this short list of rules:

1. Know what slash is. As ridiculous as this may sound, I don't want anyone to join this community without realizing what it's about. So basically slash refers to a romantic relationship between two men. Femmeslash (which is also welcome in this community) refers to a romantic relationship between two women. If you didn't already realize this and the very idea disgusts you, please leave.

2. Acceptable posts. Entries should pertain to Lecter slash or at least the Hannibal Lecter fandom. No spamming, and no advertising unless it's Lecter related. Discussions, fanfics, fanart, icons, recommendations, challenges, requests are all permitted provided they stay on topic.

3. NO flaming. Flaming is rude. Extremely so. Although I won’t eat you if you flame, I will certainly ban you. Constructive criticism on the other hand is fine, and I, personally, find it quite useful as long as it is polite.

4. When to use an lj-cut. If the fanfic is longer than 100 words. Place all images behind a cut, and as for icons, anything over six icons should be behind a cut as well. For adult content reasons, please see Rule #5 below.

5. Adult Content Everything from G to NC-17 is permitted, BUT anything R-rated and up (I don't care how short it is) must be placed behind an lj-cut and clearly labeled as R or NC-17. If I find a post that does not follow these guidelines, I may add in an lj-cut, or it will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be banned for a month. I don't want to place an age restriction on this community so give me a break.

6. Regarding het. Het is not a bad thing. I am not anti-het. HOWEVER, this is a slash community. Although het is permitted, it should not be a fic's main pairing or what a post centers around, but yes, in minimal quantities it is allowed.

Enjoy your stay! ^^

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